Sunday, June 24, 2018

Developing Supporting Charcters

How far do we want to develop supporting characters? The first thing to note here is whether this is going to be a continuing character. If your character is part of a series of stories/books, then they need to be fairly well developed. Readers will want to know at least some of their background (back story), what is important to them, and what makes them tick.

Decide what the relationship between your supporting character and the main character (protagonist) is, and how it should play out. Is there friction there? Is there a sense of trust? How do they intract, and why? This may be a supporting character, but it has its own role in the story - an important role. This will be especially true if this character is used to more the story forward, or if it is used to create conflict/tension.

Make sure that your character carries a name that is compatable with their actions. Both names and nicknames should remind the reader of who this character is, and the part that they play in the story.

Whatever your supporting characters say or do, they should make an impression. Think of Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Lestrade, or Batman and Robin. Think abut how the supporting characters add authenticity to the story, how they make it "real", how they make it come alive!

You should be keeping a bible for each story, and your bible should include pertinent information on minor/supporting characters as well as your main characters. You need this for continuity, and, quite frankly, just to keep evrything straight!

In my next blog, I will be talking in the voice of the protagonist from my WIP, and how she feels about the development of her story.

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