Monday, July 23, 2018

Accepting The Challenge: Sharing Books

I was very pleased to be challenged on Face Book by fellow author Ruth Stefanowitz to post books that I value over a seven day period. How cool is that! (I also look forward to seeing what Ruth posts, as she herself has some amazing work out there!)

For Day 1, I choose cozy mysteries. Included were works by Rita Mae Brown, Agatha Christie, and JoAnna Carl. For Day 2, I chose resource books for writing by Ansen Dibell, Orson Scott Card, Jack M. Bickham, Dian Dincin Buchman & Seli Groves, and the Chicago Manual of Style. Day 3 will consist of political books, and Days 4-7 are yet to be determiined.

I love this challange because it allows me to revisit books that have touched me in different ways. Our lives are made up of our varied interests - mine include mysteries, cozy mysteries, resource books for writing, metaphysical books, books on divination, coffee table books, and more. Each of them contains a little part of me.

What books make up your life?
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