Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Conversations Across The Veil - Justice

All Hallows’ Eve is the time of year when the veil is the thinnest between the spiritual and the physical worlds. I want to thank my friend Heather Mendel for the idea for this particular blog/story. Enjoy!

Angie sat there, quietly gazing into the flame of the lit candle. She had called in the seven directions, and asked that her guides and the archetype Justice be present. The year 2018 has been an exhausting year – personal success (with a few trials), combined with gut wrenching actions on the political front. So much injustice within her own country – she felt like she was seeing it dissolve before her eyes. It made her physically ill.

She placed the Tarot card Justice on a small rack in front of her, so that she could focus on it. A female figure was seated on a throne, an upright sword held in her right hand, a set of scales in her left hand. Taking a deep breath, Angie closed her eyes and stepped into the card.

She found herself in a modern office, with a desk and computer, bookcases, and a separate seating area. A dark haired, smiling woman in a smart business suit was walking towards her, her hand extended. She introduced herself as Anne Rogers, and indicated that they should move over to the seating area. Both women took seats in comfortable chairs that were facing each other. On the table between them was a carafe of coffee, with two delicate, floral patterned coffee cups, and two crystal glasses of ice water.

Anne Rogers began. “I see that you are a little shocked. You came in through the world of Tarot, yes”?

Angie responded: “Yes, I used the Tarot card of Justice to access your energy. I really didn’t expect this!”

Anne replied: “As archetypes, we appear to people in a way that we feel they can accept, and be comfortable with. You probably would have accepted the woman with the sword and scales, but it might have been harder to connect. I decided to create a modern law office, since the law is what Justice is all about. Besides, she said smiling, I like my coffee!”

Angie smiled, as she sipped her own coffee. “I do too!”

Anne let her gaze fall over Angie, reading her aura. “Let me tell you a little bit about the archetype of Justice. It is all about laws – creating them, and enforcing them. The scales of Justice indicate a need for fairness and equality, while the sword of Justice is double edged – it cuts both ways. We need to take into account karma, and how karmic laws manifest into this world. We are held responsible for our actions – we learn by facing the consequences of our actions. We can view this as individuals, or through the larger lens of our collective selves, whether we define that a specific group of people, a city, state, country, or mankind in general. With this in mind, how can I help you?”

Anne seemed to be shimmering before Angie’s eyes. Angie had accessed archetypes before, and had experienced this with them also, so she was not surprised.

“I don’t know where to start. In my country, a new government is in office. I am not the only person that has been physically ill since this happened. What we are seeing is that a whole group of people that have been both in the shadows and in positions of power are now banded together, and their goal seems to be to take my country apart. They are against women’s rights, against our government being supportive of its people, against separation of church and state – they really seem to be against anything that will not make them rich and powerful.”

Anne: “Why do you think these actions are taking place? Is it only in your country? Could people have seen this coming?”   

“In my country, we have had stability for many years. We really felt that we had come a long way, and we knew that we were respected in the eyes of the world. We lost all of that in just over a year. Worldwide, as well as in our own country, things happening that mankind as a whole should have paid more attention to.”

“How have the people of your country responded to this?” Anne asked.

“There has been an amazing drawing together of groups of women, and the men that are supportive of them. There have been marches on a massive scale, lawsuits being filed over things like sexual harassment, and a huge movement to support those in our government that support us. On women’s issues, this is actually happening worldwide.” Angie replied.

“How do you feel about all of this?” Anne asked. “Do you feel that the things that are happening are unfair? Do you literally feel a lack of justice around you?”

Angie replied in an angry tone: “I absolutely feel that there is injustice in my country, and around the world. I feel the effects, of course, more in my own country. The individuals that have taken office have been put there to take down the foundation of that office, and reshape it in a very ugly manner that benefits only the rich. Individuals that have worked in certain departments for years, through many different administrations, are being forced out! This is not justice!”

“Let’s go back for a minute and talk about what justice really is. Think about the laws of karma, about consequences for actions taken. At this time in human history this needs to be viewed on a collective, as opposed to an individual, scale. How have the actions of mankind affected both the world that they live in, and the literal land, water and air that they need for survival? How is this reflected in your environment?”

“I am starting to see justice as a privilege, and not a right. Mankind has been harsh in interacting with the land, water, and air that is needed for their survival. One of the biggest battles right now is climate change, and whether it really exists. Can people actually not see the visible changes around them? Do they not care?” Angie was clearly agitated.

Anne poured them more coffee. “We have talked about women marching, and I know there is a massive effort for voter registration, and getting the vote out. This is all good, but it has to come from the right place. The balance needed for life must come from within. Each individual must decide what is right not only for them, but for those around them. People need to take action as an individuals, as well as being part of a group effort, to bring about peace – which is essentially what a balanced life is – a peaceful life. Answers are to be found within, not outside of yourselves.”

Anne continued. “We also need to remember that Justice is considered to be a Cardinal Virtue. It is essentially the median point between selfishness and selflessness. Between having too little, and having too much. The path to Justice is a path of caring and reconciling.”

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom” Angie replied. “I have experienced much of this process within myself since this administration came to office. At first I felt a helpless rage. I cried for months. Then I started to realize that I needed to take any and all actions that I could take to bring about justice – political, social, and personal. I needed to take a step back, and find my own center. I am still not happy, but I think there is a light out there that will help bring about needed change. Lies are lies, and they will be shown to be so. Perhaps this touch of insanity was needed for those of us that want a just and fair world to take a stand. Placing blame helps no one. Standing up and taking action does. I am seeing small but steady changes, and I am sure that this will continue. Thank you for helping me reach my own sense of peace.”

Having said that, Angie stood, shook Anne’s hand, turned, and walked out the door. She gradually came back into the sense of the room that she was seated in, and the candle in front of her, illuminating the Tarot card of Justice. She felt a sense of peace that she had not felt in a long time. The world around her had some very deep shadows, but she was certain that she would find her way with ease.

Anne smiled, as she dissolved the room, and transformed back into a pure energy state. There was chaos on earth, but there was also hope. Her job was to help keep the balance between the two.

© October 2018 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

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