Sunday, January 29, 2012

Using Google +

It has been an interesting week. The Google 1+ button became part of my psyche as soon as I signed up for Google +, but now I am making it a habit to read my Google + timeline on a, shall we say, more consistent basis! As with Twitter or Face Book, large portions of the material can be scrolled past. However, I am finding little gems there, like what the “Hangout” app is, and how to use it. When I first looked at Hangout, I passed. I did not download the app. Then I came across an article on my Google + timeline that talked about ways to optimize the system, and Hangout was one of them! I downloaded the app, but have not had a chance to experiment with it yet.

A really good overview of Google + can be seen here - The first thing addressed is creating circles – I really do like this, as it allows us to send messages only to people that we want to see them. So family would not get the same messages that our professional contacts do, and our professional contacts will not be underwhelmed with family info.

You can also view your Google + stream by individual circles, so that you are only getting posts pertinent to that circle. This is incredibly helpful, and saves a great deal of time. The only problem that I can see here is when we don’t take the time to view the info that we don’t deem to be a “priority”, and it looses its timeliness.

You can also enable the chat function in the same manner – deciding who you want to chat with, and who you don’t. I do not enable this function at all, because when I am online I am quite often writing, or researching an article, and don’t have the time to stop and chat.

Uploading and sharing photos, completing your profile page, and working with Sparks and Hangouts is also discussed. Note: Completing your profile page is very important if you are using your page in a professional capacity.

Another site that I discovered on my Google + stream was Women of Google + - . This is a members only site that provides training for working with the social media, as well as networking opportunities. There are three levels of membership – Free, Professional, and Premier. Check it out!

A spinoff from Women of Google + is Google + For Professional Women - Here the focus is on how to use this platform to enhance ranking and visibility for professionals.

Every day I find myself coming across something new that will help me use social media with better focus. Maybe someday I will get it all together!

© January 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


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