Thursday, August 22, 2013

Video Rockstar University

I recently offered a class through Attune Radio (Attune Radio) on reviewing (In The Classroom - How To Write A Review). In the process of discussing writing reviews, the subject of video reviews came up. One of the ladies in the chat room (Chanah Liora Wienberg) recommended a site that teaches how to do videos - Video Rockstar University. Chanah is a teacher herself, and someone that I admire greatly, so I had to check the site out!

It is a fantastic site ... and it offers free training on making videos (based on the "7 Steps To Video Rockstardom")! Yes, I did sign up for the training, and it was well worth the effort! You don't just learn how to make videos here ... you learn how to make a video that will draw in crowds! Here I am thinking past video reviews ... I am thinking videos for my site, for the books that I have out, and for my blogs.

The site owner/trainer is Share Ross - what a dynamic lady! Check out her introductory video, and see what she has to offer. In her training, some of the areas that she addresses are where to position the camera, video lighting (one tip - don't have light coming from behind you, because your face will be in shadows), and hair and make-up.. There are bonus videos and more! Once you sign up for the free video training, you have access to other resources on her site ( The articles up currently address Facebook Video Help and iMovie Tips.

Ross has several different programs that she uses to help individuals work with videos. You can do the free training and call it good, or you can decide to take another step or two. See what you think!

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