Monday, November 19, 2018

Bonnie's World

I recently read an amazing blog by my artist/writer friend Pamela Steele, where she talks about who she is. I love when writer's share a bit about who they are, and what is going on in their lives. Today I am going to share a bit about myself.

We are one week out from Thanksgiving, and two things are prevelant - I am very happy that I came across a new vegeterian recipie that I am going to make for Thanksgiving, and I am getting very irritated by Macy's constant blasts for their Thanksgiving Day Parade (I have left some choice responses to their posts). The parade has gone commercial, and, IMHO, is no longer worth watching.

I am enjoying my Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations (yes, I left Halloween up, just because), and am looking forward to putting up my Christmas decorations. I still have to purchase an artificial Christmas tree - which will be a first for me! I was torn between not wantng to see trees cut down for a one month celebration, and taking some of the "Chirstmas" out of Christmas with an artificial tree. Factoring in the cost of a cut tree, the artificial tree won. Wish me luck!

I am a bit behind myself this year, as I still need to order Christmas cards, seasonal stamps, and a day timer for 2019. I should have that done this week. I am also looking at taking a professional writing class , and joining at least one professional writing organization. Small steps that will take me into a (well) paid writing career!

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  1. I long since gave up on real trees. Partly because of the waste (I only put the tree up on Christmas Eve and it comes down at New Year) and partly after the year I was still finding rogue pine needles embedded in my carpet in July :D

  2. We've been artificial for years. The one I got originally looks very lifelike and I donated it to my son for his kids a few seasons back.
    but I kept the little one the cat leaves alone. (An unsolved mystery) To get the lovely evergreen scent, I trim my front yard evergreens and make an arrangement for the fireplace mantel. Win-Win.
    Thank you for the lovely comments, Bonnie.


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