Monday, November 26, 2018

Create Space Morphs Into KDP

Not too long ago I found out, in a very round-about way, that CreateSpace was going out of business. Well, it was actually morphing into KDP Print (both entities being under the wing of Amazon). Fortunately, I had no problem moving my books (including the one that I co-wrote) over to KDP Print. In fact, I moved them all at once, no problem. 

The interesting thing is - if authors on CreateSpace choose to do nothing about moving their books over to KDP, they will (eventually) be moved over automatically. (Personally, I prefered to do the moving myself!) 

An important thing to watch is your historical sales data from CreateSpace, to make sure that it makes the move! ISBN's make the move without a problem. Essentially, KDP Print offers the same things that CreateSpace did. (One thing that you do want to check is the payment schedules, because they are not the same.)

A good place to find answers direct from Amazon's mouth is here.

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