Monday, November 5, 2018

I Need To Perfect My Autograph?

Why in heavens name does an author need to "perfect" their autograph? Can't I just sign my name and be done with it? (After thanking the individual(s) for purchasing my book(s), of course!) Th darn thing is illegible anyway!

It seems that my signature is part of my brand. Who knew? (I do mainly e-books, but I do have a few print books out there, and more planned for the future.) The pen I can see as being part of my brand, but my signature? I am being advised to choose a nice pen. I choose my pens because I like them, not to impress others, so they will have to go with what I choose! So there! 

Common sense things to consider when purchasing said pen are: 
  • Does it feel good in your hand? (Hopefully some day I will be having long lines of people waiting or me to sign their books, so I can go along with this.)
  • Does the autograph look good? (i.e. There is no bleeding, the lines are clear, and the ink does not go through the paper onto the next page.)
  • Can you write with the pen easily? (If I couldn't, I wouldn't be using the darn thing!)
  • Am I going to be able to keep track of it (as in - not lose it)? Choose a nice style and color, so that you won't set it down and walk away.
Be consistent in how you sign your name. When I was younger, my signature was Bonnie L. Cehovet. Then it morphed into B. L. Cehovet. Now it's Bonnie Cehovet, and will stay that way.

I would also say be consistent in where you sign your name (unless asked by the individual you are signing the book for to sign it on a specific page) - this might be on the title page, or inside the front cover. 

Back to that pen - skip grocery store purchases. Put out the bucks for a really nice pen, and go to a store (in person, or on the Internet) that has nice pens. Here are a sampple of Internet sites for pens: LevengerFahrneysAmazonPen Chalet.

Now, I want all of my writer friends to go purchase a pen (or pens) that means something to you, and practice signing your name!

(c) November 2018 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without written permission of the author.

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