Tuesday, November 13, 2018

"Finish The Story" Collaboration - Using Shivangi Dua's Prompt

This story, from the "Finish The Story" collaboration, is based on a prompt from Shivangi Dua (https://writersvicinity.wordpress.com/).

Prompt: “Opening my eyes, I was in a world less familiar yet more beautiful and soothing than anything I had ever experienced…To breathe felt like living a new life!”

I opened my eyes, not sure if I was asleep or awake. I was standing on a balcony, looking out over a spectacular world. Everything to me was beautiful, and I felt a sense of peace that I had never felt before. I realized that I was taking in whole breaths, without fear of dying. I was not afraid of being different, or of the consortium finding out that I was different.

In that parallel world, we were all robots, doing the bidding of the consortium. They had changed us, so that we no longer thought for ourselves. I was one of the few that could still think. We were all very careful to not let our keepers know that we could think. If they ever found out, they would morph us into something absolutely soul dead. We had seen it happen to people that we knew, and it was not a place that any of us wanted to go.

Looking around me, I saw beauty. Lovely buildings, beautiful colors, and green. Real trees, real flowers. This was not a manufactured world playing in my head. This was a real world, a real universe … a parallel universe where I could be me. Did I have the option of staying here? I certainly hoped that I did!

I took more breaths, filling myself with love and light, with peace and joy. This is where I belonged, this is where I could make a difference. I needed to be able to make a difference. I was a scholar, not a warrior. I needed to be able to help other people heal, to become all that they could be. This world needed no warriors. It was of a higher vibration, this I knew.

Had I needed to experience that other world to appreciate this one? Would I do better here because of having had that experience? We all take different paths, I just have to accept that both worlds are part of my path. I have no pull to go back and bring the others here. If this is part of their path, then they will find it. If it is not, there will be something else for them.

This was the beginning of a new life for me. I looked down, and saw people moving around - talking, smiling, and carrying on their daily life. I was now part of this world. I did not have to constantly look over my shoulder, to shield my thoughts from those that did not want me to have them.

Where I went now was up to me. I could read the works of others, I could write my own words. I could listen to music, or perhaps even write it. I could paint my thoughts, if I chose to do so. My life was one of choice – and my first choice was to stay here.

The "Finish The Story" collaboration was organized by Tanmay Jain

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